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  2. Stopped sending me anything in October 2018, no explanation why, no response to messages. Will change to somebody else after this waste of many months.
  3. Earlier
  4. Proposal updated to reflect new sharing %
  5. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/36a99c3d2382769f38f101763d61a97354edae1678931931334d4e004e14c1d0 http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/0e80c061a98cc1b832ff18ed8c0d4bb4022cca22bba5b19eae0c6430ff3bb649 http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/c83915b50ad7e5946d3ce38802b9759676bfcf3784f4181f33ff90706ccb94d9 Thanks for your support !
  6. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/a7c6aa845a41a9ffb127a4141431b9ceea880166e46b4f25b88c5799b0549a12 Thanks for your support !
  7. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/42331e0b8dc1b1a42db7e8284cb4e6b82a2e970123487ecd351e73d7e69e9855 Thanks for your support !
  8. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/4cecd12299a541bfb999542edc8b4dabd6a2ee55ef773a0f7d8d7086a932e175 Thanks for your support !
  9. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/54355eb8c204a81fab9b853af31dbe39cb36bead3e931f6c1e50dba144db5baa Toons delegate have been out of the 51 for a little while... The next share should be a little under the average. (I estimate the share @ 3580 PRS). Thanks for your support ! Toons status : http://persona.toons-delegate.info Toons payroll history : http://persona.toons-delegate.info/stats
  10. 2018-06-16 payroll done. http://persona.toons-delegate.info/stats The amount is a little under the average because of block loss (every delegates lost some this las days). The node is updated and is running fine for now. Again, thanks for your support !
  11. Do I get a voting refund too? I just voted you earlier today, here's my wallet address. PHnL4LMrNzEcRbPLEcj2NCbcqyDDcDU6eH
  12. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/45f4be7ed625e3cab9ab1630c3c36f3e6ebf834f53136cabfdf858b720e08adb Thanks for your support !
  13. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/a53e9ff20e1c6ed404de3c51a94375987cffccfc1b8cda254fb605a60e2c2ff2 Thanks for your support !
  14. Thanks so much! Appreciate it. If you have any suggestions on how to make PythACES better please let me know!
  15. Back into a forging position. Thanks all!
  16. ************************************************************************************************************ All payments this week was done daily, all running smooth! ************************************************************************************************************
  17. Payment [7 days of forging] has been successfully done. Thanks for your vote!
  18. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/4b243baecfb6b86be0141dec1bda2571c561ba0456ad8bb20c8ba4783fb28c1d http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/23123c6f7cd1cd285162cacffa9062c16178f108b80bc86454b34cbae1b0169e Thanks for your support !
  19. Hi Caz No Haz, thank you for your interest, in the end of June we will do an update about the gastronomy.
  20. Thanks guys - nice proposal to help people get into Persona and ARK too. I am still quite new to crypto. Hopefully picking the right projects!!!
  21. ************************************************************************************************************ Payment runs done DAILY! Vote refunds also done DAILY! ************************************************************************************************************
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