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  3. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/54355eb8c204a81fab9b853af31dbe39cb36bead3e931f6c1e50dba144db5baa Toons delegate have been out of the 51 for a little while... The next share should be a little under the average. (I estimate the share @ 3580 PRS). Thanks for your support ! Toons status : http://persona.toons-delegate.info Toons payroll history : http://persona.toons-delegate.info/stats
  4. 2018-06-16 payroll done. http://persona.toons-delegate.info/stats The amount is a little under the average because of block loss (every delegates lost some this las days). The node is updated and is running fine for now. Again, thanks for your support !
  5. Do I get a voting refund too? I just voted you earlier today, here's my wallet address. PHnL4LMrNzEcRbPLEcj2NCbcqyDDcDU6eH
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  7. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/45f4be7ed625e3cab9ab1630c3c36f3e6ebf834f53136cabfdf858b720e08adb Thanks for your support !
  8. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/a53e9ff20e1c6ed404de3c51a94375987cffccfc1b8cda254fb605a60e2c2ff2 Thanks for your support !
  9. Thanks so much! Appreciate it. If you have any suggestions on how to make PythACES better please let me know!
  10. Back into a forging position. Thanks all!
  11. ************************************************************************************************************ All payments this week was done daily, all running smooth! ************************************************************************************************************
  12. Payment [7 days of forging] has been successfully done. Thanks for your vote!
  13. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/4b243baecfb6b86be0141dec1bda2571c561ba0456ad8bb20c8ba4783fb28c1d http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/23123c6f7cd1cd285162cacffa9062c16178f108b80bc86454b34cbae1b0169e Thanks for your support !
  14. Hi Caz No Haz, thank you for your interest, in the end of June we will do an update about the gastronomy.
  15. Thanks guys - nice proposal to help people get into Persona and ARK too. I am still quite new to crypto. Hopefully picking the right projects!!!
  16. ************************************************************************************************************ Payment runs done DAILY! Vote refunds also done DAILY! ************************************************************************************************************
  17. Can we get an update on the Roadmap, and if possible Website (linking this forum so that people can actually discuss about Persona?) Both are quite important for people, no? I mean delays are ok, but how about you finally stick to your word about having learned from it regarding the delay? So far besides the fallback Mainnet for V1 only the wallet was launched, the Block-Explorer is half-functional at best, the mobile app is not there, ledger integration is not there, identity service is not there ... litterally nothing is here that was supposed to launch with the Mainnet. I'm guessing this is because of V2 in combination with the bear-market? A little more transparency and signs of life wouldn't hurt, otherwise this looks like more like your typical ICO out there - overpromise, underdeliver.
  18. Thanks for working on adoption, this is something badly needed (tough not sure if its better to wait for v2 / the persona product afterwards) Can we get some details about the gastronomy you're in contact with?
  19. Delegate Introduction I will be running a pool along with one other very capable partner, so you can be sure that the pool will always be running efficiently. Four eyes are better than two they say. We want to ensure that all voters get paid out exactly what they are owed on a timely manner. They say honesty is the best policy, so I will be completely honest at this time and tell you a little about myself as well as the pros and cons of my nature. I am from a very small Caribbean island where opportunities are scarce. Partly due to this I have literally started from the bottom of the food chain in regard to technical abilities. I am an artist by nature, but as of late I have dived head first into the technical realm and in-particular the realm of blockchain and crypto projects. This has vastly broadened my horizons and technical skills in the last few years. Since then I have come very far in a relatively short amount of time. I can be deemed a testimony to the opportunities and overall benefits that blockchain and specifically DPOS networks can bring to any inspiring individuals who has the dedication, determination and desire to partake in the creation of this beautiful, whimsical and often surreal ideology that is being brought into existence. I am one of those who have been blessed with the opportunity to expand my mind and utilize that blessing to aid in understanding and using technology for the better, along with the sustaining, evangelizing and funding of various projects in this space. After all, that is what decentralization is about, is it not? To me at least, I see decentralization as the medium to open doors to everyone near and far, technical or non-technical, rich and poor, educated or uneducated, (in its traditional sense), to partake in the future of co existence, abundance and equal opportunity in its respective measures. As far as my partner goes I will give you a little insight. I met him upon moving to a region in North America. We met randomly and upon meeting I explained to him what I do and what awaits him if he took a leap of faith and joined me in this venture. He chose the red pill and has not looked back since. He is a physicist at one of the local universities in North America. He also works in the field of Nano technology at 3M. I have been involved in nearly every DPOS that has came out. That list includes: Ark, Shift, BPL, Oxy, Rise, LWF, Kapu, Lisk and now Persona. Since I have been involved in so many DPOS networks I have come to understand what it takes to run a network effectively. A few of these requirements are as follows: Maintaining a Secure node Ensuring a very high uptime Paying my voters on a timely manner Paying voters what they are owed Sharing a substantial amount of forging rewards Remaining diligent to the communities wants and needs Acting on these needs and wants to help DPOS projects flourish Remaining active in the forums and respective channels Funding projects to help the network grow Skill Set Involved in nearly every DPOS chain from the onset of their respective testnets Guide writing Spreading awareness of ARK at meetups in New York, France and any other upcoming event I can attend in the future. I will also do the same for persona Community support Pitching ideas to help refine problems faced in the DPOS space Knowledgeable in a wide array of blockchain related projects Leadership qualities Pool Sharing Figures Voter Stake: 90% My Stake: 5% Partners stake: 5% (Will support Personas Community Fund by way of donations from our pool) Minimum Payout: 3 PRS (may be adjusted if required) VPS Setup Mainnet node Provider - OVH Spec - 1 core - 4GB Ram (spec will be improved when required) Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. I look forward to your votes Francis Bacon
  20. Vote refund done : http://explorer.persona.im/#/transaction/963eca691666e53bcfc1195983cbfa3617eaff4702500854618a70844aa1f158 Thanks for your support !
  21. Profit share: second payment run done 211 blocks and 98% profit share, 1654.24 Persona shared with our voters! Persona.Lounge Fund (payout address): PRWtUGT9WyeftNxTAhTXa8B72CwWNeJ6T6 http://explorer.persona.im/#/wallets/PRWtUGT9WyeftNxTAhTXa8B72CwWNeJ6T6 Delegate update: switched to a stronger server and implemented the tbw payout script (true block weight payout script by arkoar.group) in a few hours i will do an second payment run to test the tbw payout script! Update: today we done succesfully the payment run with the tbw payout script. http://explorer.persona.im/#/wallets/PAkW812RDZmMHph83Jac9WDpy9cBHbFsTD
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