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  1. Arkland

    Mainnet has been launched

    The mainnet has been launched, token distribution has started, and the wallet is available for download on https://persona.im Message from Stefan: Hello everyone! I am very HAPPY to share with you the news: our wallet is up and running! You can download it from here: https://persona.im/ Please install it and input your Persona Address in your dashboard so we can send each of you the tokens. Thank you! Mainnet Explorer: http://explorer.persona.im/
  2. We're proud to announce we're Persona's first delegate! We're already forging, and our voters panel is already functioning! Visit it here: http://persona.land/ We're the first delegate to forge blocks, feel free to vote for us! Payouts will start as soon as blocks start paying rewards. Cheers!
  3. Update on March 27th:
  4. Update on March 26th:
  5. Update on March 25th:
  6. Posted by team member Ioana on the official Telegram group on March 25th: Hi! Right now We are working on connecting the wallet and the main net so we can deploy everything and start having the rewards. Also, we are doing the last calculations for the tokens as we had a lot of people contributing in the last minutes of the ICO. This means that we are spending time making sure that we do not forget people. I apologize for the tardiness but I would like to make sure that I put all the necessary tokens in the genesis instead of messing things up.
  7. Posted by team member Victor Micu on the official Telegram group: After speaking with the dev team I can confirm that the mainnet is ready and also the wallet, just minor bugs being fixed just right now, as I write. The only thing that is left is to start the mainnet, connect it with the wallet and make the official launch. Thank you for your patience and for your support! We kept on developing, even though we hit many roadblocks on the way and we had many unexpected delays. Will be back with a new update tomorrow, to let you know the status.
  8. Start with a catchy title GreXX - Profit Sharing Done Right // 70% Distribution ++ Monthly Bonus Lottery // INTRODUCTION My name is GreXX and this is my Delegate Proposal Introduction. It should be used to give an introduction to yourself, your hobbies, and to help people to get to know you as a person. Knowing you helps people trust you so try to be honest and build trust. It will help you get more votes in the long run! If your Delegate is a profit sharing delegate or a delegate proposal for an entire company, introduce your company and explain what your company is about, who your members are, and your crypto background. MY SKILLS I would use a section like this to outline what I believe makes me a beneficial member of the community and shows what I have to offer as a delegate. For many, this could be your technical background as a server administrator or developer. For others, maybe blogs you’ve written for, artwork you’ve done, or advertising campaigns you’ve been in charge of. Let everyone get a feel for what you bring to the table. MY PROPOSAL In this section, you want to lay out your plans should you be chosen as a delegate for ARK. If you are running a profit-sharing delegate, you could outline how much administration overhead you plan to retain of the forged ARK and how much will be distributed as well as the manner of determining distribution. If it is a personal proposal, you could explain what projects you would like to support with the raised funds. That could be an idea for an app or it could be something as simple as, “hey, I’m in college learning to be a developer and times are rough”. Let people know why you want to be a delegate and how you plan to use that status for yourself, the community, and for ARK. Be honest, it’s always the best route to take. MY NETWORK SETUP Use this section to describe what kind of equipment you have or how you plan to run your delegate server. Many people use VPS nodes from various companies. This is expected and you can outline what company, the speed of the network connection, the specs of the server itself (i.e. processing speed, RAM, etc), and where the server will be located. All of these things will help voters come to a determination on who to vote for so add in as much good information as you can. Node Setup Server Host: Example Server CPU Speed: 700 Jiggawatts RAM: 2,000 Gb DDR7 Location: The Moon Network Speed: Light CONCLUSION This is your closing pitch to the voters. Remind them who you are, why you are here, and how you plan to be a major player in the ARK Community should they cast their vote for you. That’s it! It’s as simple as that. We have no set criteria and you are free to design your proposal however you see fit. This was an example to help get your creative juices flowing and show a good, solid way to get started. If you are an artist or a designer, feel free to get crazy. Show off your skills and it might help you get votes. If you are a web developer, link to a flashy page showing your delegate proposal in some kind of unique style. If you are running a profit-sharing delegate, show images or link to the interface for how you will manage distribution. The only limit is your imagination and we all look forward to reading your proposals!
  9. Hello Persona Community! We're an established forging delegate on both Ark and Kapu, and we're very excited to be part of this community! Our goal is to be an Ark Ecosystem delegate, which means that everything we build for Ark, will also be ported to all other ecosystem projects. We're running this forum and in the front of all community built services, including Slack and Discord. Expect to see a Persona based raffle soon! Our software is designed to keep payouts as consistent and fair as possible. Current features include: True Vote Weight: Wallet balances are calculated as we forge blocks, you can track your balance on our website Anti Hopper System: As voter’s balances are calculated as we forge blocks, hoppers will not be able to receive payouts. Hoppers are penalized by losing their accumulated balance. Daily Payouts: Daily payouts for accounts with at least 35 PRS. The min balance to receive a payout for smaller wallets is 0.01 PRS. Minimum Vote: 5 PRS: You need to have at least 5 PRS to vote for us. If you don’t, please contact us before voting. 90% Voter’s share for the first week, then 85% Self-hosted Explorer Share balance and payments logs Fees are covered by the pool All payment fees are covered. To get your voting fee covered by us, please post a reply here with your wallet address, within 1 week after you’ve voted for us. We believe this is a great starting point to ensure fair and consistent payouts. This pool is great for both small and large voters, but small voters get to enjoy daily payouts and covered payment and voting fees, we’re the only delegate that offer such benefits! We run a web development and consulting LLC and I’ll be hosting my nodes in dedicated virtual machines in our own servers. The servers have plenty of room for expansion as necessary, current nodes have the following hardware: We also support the devnet by maintaining a devnet node hosted in Canada. All nodes are protected against DDOS attacks. Once we start forging, balance calculation will kick in and payouts will run every day. We already have a panel running on Persona's Testnet!! You can even vote for us on the testnet so you get the feel of it, check it out: https://persona.land/ A few screenshots of our voter's panel: Some of our contributions to the Ark Ecosystem: Bug fixing and contributions to Ark projects on Github Awarded multiple times on the bounty program Moderator on Ark and Persona's official sub reddit Active member on the community, always welcoming and helping new members and developers to get started with Ark and its forks. Thank you for your support!