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  1. Can we get an update on the Roadmap, and if possible Website (linking this forum so that people can actually discuss about Persona?) Both are quite important for people, no? I mean delays are ok, but how about you finally stick to your word about having learned from it regarding the delay? So far besides the fallback Mainnet for V1 only the wallet was launched, the Block-Explorer is half-functional at best, the mobile app is not there, ledger integration is not there, identity service is not there ... litterally nothing is here that was supposed to launch with the Mainnet. I'm guessing this is because of V2 in combination with the bear-market? A little more transparency and signs of life wouldn't hurt, otherwise this looks like more like your typical ICO out there - overpromise, underdeliver.
  2. Thanks for working on adoption, this is something badly needed (tough not sure if its better to wait for v2 / the persona product afterwards) Can we get some details about the gastronomy you're in contact with?