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ravelou delegate || 90% sharing || TBW || No min Payout || vote refund

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Pool sharing ratio : 90%
Payout : daily reward, around 19:00 UTC+2
True Block Weight : yes

vote refund : yes
Tx fee covered : no, it’s the way I can get some token to maintain my node

Check what you can get : http://persona.ravelou-delegate.info



Hi everybody, my name is ravelou. I'm a crypto enthousiast, coding from time to time.

I'm an ark crypto delegate since the beginning (march 2017). You can see my delegate here => AXvBF7JoNyM6ztMrgr45KrqQf7LA7RgZhf
You can see that I'm reliable (still in the top 5 delegates).


I help @Toons to develop arky application for ark node => arky Github
I worked also to use it for persona network. It's working on testnet network.

We are developping a new automatic payment program => zen Github repository
We will transpose it to persona so every delegate could use it. 

We are also building a web interface to allow the voters to see what they will be paid.


CPU: 2 vCore
RAM: 2048 MB
Storage: 40 GB SSD


By voting for me you won't be disappointed ! See you on telegram channel or Slack ! Call for ravelou.

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Proposal update

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Hi Ravelou - thanks for reaching out recently, having now managed to unvote my old delegate with the new v2.3.1 wallet, I have delegated to you.


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